Insurance Cover for your Dental Practice

At Allied Wessex, we're in the business of providing dental practices and the dentists that work within them with some of the most comprehensive insurance covers on the market.

As a specialist division of and member of the Compass Broker network, we have immense insurance buying power. We work closely with award winning insurers such as Hiscox and Allianz; continually challenging them to improve cover, keep premiums competitive and provide a no-quibble claims service for the benefit of our dental clients.


A Personal Service

Being on first name terms with our clients is something we’re proud of, because all insurance needs are typically dealt with by one individual, we get to understand their business and personal challenges. In other words, we don’t just say we provide a personal service; we actually do it.

Should you require it, the policy can be extended to include insurance providing cover for explosion or collapse, caused by internal steam or fluid pressure and breakdown from internal defects.

In addition, it provides for the aftermath of such events including debris removal, temporary hire of replacement equipment and damage to surrounding property.
We have highly trained and experienced pressure vessel engineers who are able to provide dental surgeries with comprehensive inspection services without breaching any maintenance or warranty agreements they may have in place and all at highly competitive rates.
Premiums for this cover start from just £170.00 plus V.A.T.

We, at Allied Wessex regularly speak to clients who have not considered this cover or think it will never happen to them. Unfortunately, without this cover the financial consequences can be devastating to the practice. Reduced finances may result in defaults occurring on loans, Utilities being cancelled, bank accounts going over drawn or you may even need to lay-off staff. Adding financial pressures on top of trying to recover from an injury or illness can prolong the recovery timescale.
Consideration should be taken on price but do not compromise the cover that is available. Options are also available on deferred or excess periods and this needs to be tailed to your practice requirements. There is no point having this cover if the policy does not indemnify you at the time when you need it most.
Remember this cover is to ultimately avoid cash flow problems in this time of need.
We have...

We Understand the dental business and in particular the need to keep your practice running smoothly as it can be vulnerable to any disruption. That's where we come in. We work with Hiscox's that deliver flexible policies that are tailored to suit your practice requirements.
Not all surgery insurance is the same. Often when buying surgery insurance, a full check up is required. you need to check the following :
are you paying for cover you don't need?
can you be confident your insure reacts quickly to claims?
Will you have a high level of professional personalised service from a specialist insurer?
With Allied Wessex and Hiscox's confidence, this comes as standard. Click here to read Surgery Protection.

The thought of an accident that could, for example, result in the loss of use of a hand or sight of an eye is concerning enough to most people.
To a Dentist however, it is even more of a concern as such an accident would almost certainly prevent you from continuing in your chosen profession.
We have specifically designed a policy to provide a substantial lump sum benefit in the event of such a disability happening to you. A lump sum which would allow for the clearance of any outstanding business loans, fund changes in life style and even assist in training for a new career. Click here to read Personal Accident.

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