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Locum Insurance Cover And Business Overheads Insurance

A practice overheads disability insurance plan provides protection for your practice following absence of your principals, partners and associates in the event of accident or illness.  Unlike income protection, which compensates for a loss of personal earnings, practice overheads insurance provides financial assistance with the day-to-day expenses of your business should you, your partners or associates be unable to work due to Accident or Sickness.

Allied Wessex is able to offer you a comprehensive plan underwritten by one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

In addition to our standard cover items, we are able to offer clients a range of extensions such as First Aid Expenses, Legal Advice and Maternity Benefit.

Full Theft Cover

Worldwide 24 Hour Coverage

Cover provided within the workplace, whilst on holiday or undertaking sporting or leisure activities.

Full Theft Cover

Monthly Benefit Of Up To £20,000

All your fixed expenses such as wages, rent, business rates, utility bills, equipment finance, business loan repayments and other related costs can be protected. The flexibility of this policy allows you to choose and use the benefit in the way which best suits your practice

Full Theft Cover

Benefits Payable For Up To 12 Months

You have the decision whether to hire a locum or not with the relief you will still receive your benefit to cover your fixed running costs. You can also take out plans to cover the amount your partners and associates contribute towards the practice expenses.

Full Theft Cover

Temporary Partial Disablement-Optional

This gives the flexibility to return to work on a part-time basis whilst still recovering from an accident or sickness, thus preventing further disruption to your patients but not forcing you to commit to full time hours before you are fully recovered.

Full Theft Cover

Comprehensive Range Of Benefits

First aid expenses, Legal advice, Maternity benefit, Personal accident, Family emergency cover, Jury services, Personal effects, Rehabilitation and retraining costs.

Full Theft Cover

Nil Day Exclusion On Accident Claims 14 Day Exclusion Sickness Claims Easy Monthly Payments


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